Hypnotherapy & Personal Growth

The psychotherapist’s office has been, for the last century, the space where psychological change happened for a variety of symptoms: phobias and panic attacks, trauma, stress and its consequences (including psychosomatic disorders), depression but also relationship issues, developing self-esteem, coping  better with grief and loss. It was also here that people would come for topics related to life stages (adolescence, retirement, etc). With the advances in learning and technologies for psychological change have come greater diversity in  services that extend outside traditional psychotherapy: support groups, personal development groups, NLP, mindfulness, coaching.

Clinical Hypnosis has been regarded in USA as an effective psychotherapy since 1958. It has proved to be effective especially in problems like: smoking, stress, weight & eating problems, panic attacks, public speaking problems, fears & phobias, skin diseases, immunology, etc.

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