Adina uses a variety of methods and techniques depending on what is appropriate at the time: Thinking Pattern Profile™, Solution-Focused Approach, creative visualization, Ericksonian hypnosis & suggestion, NLP & Psychodrama techniques, EMDR, Appreciative Inquiry, Bohm Dialogue.

In her work Adina subscribes to the following:

  • Each of us has a unique set of talents and we are fulfilled when we manifest them and when we can make a significant contribution to the world and to our community.
  • We all feel the need to be understood and known the way we really are. Feeling understood often has an uplifting, liberating effect which provides new energy ready to be used, either in practical, specific tasks or for further development.
  • Getting to know someone requires respect, independent of the usefulness of that person’s talent within a given context.
  • We all need to grow and develop and we can all choose between learning in an enjoyable and stimulating way or in a difficult, stressful way.
  • Each person’s potential to perform is unleashed to the extent that he or she is involved in designing their work.
  • The quality of any people-related activity is intrinsically dependent on the quality of relationships.


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