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Ricardo Selmer – Maverick – The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace.

Semler turned his family’s business into a revolutionary business success story. He took the organization through a radical transformation by giving increased decision power to the workers, simplifying rules, having employees involved in hiring and evaluating their bosses, sharing all information, sharing 22 % of the pretax profit with the employees. I read it with increasing enthusiasm and I see it as an opening gate to acknowledging that there are many ways of doing business. I recommend it to anyone to wants to learn about one of the many possibilities of transforming an organization into a more meaningful workplace, a place that can integrate more of our life values as human beings, not only financial success. Here are some key points of the book.

Richard Branson – What’s the best measurement for success? Happiness

Peter M. Senge – The Fifth Discipline

Milton Erickson

Hortensia Papadat Bengescu

Neil la Butte

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