Adina studied Mathematics and Psychology and trained herself in a number of schools of psychotherapy, applied psychology and change.

Gratitude for all teachers from whom I learned along the way: Dumitru Botusan, Gabriela Ardeleanu, Jeno Laszlo Vargha, Peter Szabo, K.T. Connor, John Grinder, Jeffrey Zeig, Horatiu Nil Albini, Marcia Karp, Scott D. Miller, Glenna Gerard, Howard Charing, Barbara Gramlich, Michael Yapko, K.T. Connor, Mario Salvador, Eva Banyai, Lizandra Barbuto, John Croft, Anna Rita Verarda, to name some of them. I am also grateful to all my clients who helped me learn deeper what I knew and to discover my own style in working with people and their topics. And deep gratitude to my parents, Xenia and Dan – my first teachers.

Development Facilitator
Assessment Center Consultant
Executive Search Consultant
Human Resources Management
Mathematics Teacher in traditional and progressive schools

Certifications & Training:
EMDR – EMDR Europe Association
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy – Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy
Solution Focused Individual & Team Coaching – Solution Surfers, Basel, Switzerland
Certified Axiometrics Analyst – Thinking Pattern Profile™, Center for applied Axiometrics, USA
SHL Expert in planning and organizing Assessment &Development Centres, SHL Hungary, SHL UK
SHL Occupational Testing, SHL Hungary, SHL UK
NLP Master Practitioner – NTI NLP, Limmen, Netherlands
Organizational Psychologist – Romanian Council of Psychology
Psychodrama training – Societatea de Psihodrama Jacob Levi Moreno, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Associations and Membership
Secretary of the Robert S. Hartman Institute
Member of International Society of Hypnosis
Member of Romanian Association of Ericksonian Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis And Relaxation
Member of the Romanian Federation for Psychotherapy

Adina is interested to support people in:

  • Self knowledge, self understanding and clarifying personal aspirations
  • Increasing awareness and making better use of their existing talents and resources for positive outcomes and goal achievement
  • Accelerated development of skills, attitudes and overall capability and aligning them with their values
  • Finding and implementing effective solutions for atypical problems and when under pressure
  • Unblocking creativity and developing responsibility and passion as a way of working and living
  • Increasing the quality of relationships, understanding and care within organizations


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