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Posted on December 19, 2012 by Adina Bortă in Uncategorized

Since I just opened the doors of the place called www.adinaborta.com, since it is the end of 2012 and celebrating time, I want to celebrate by offering a gift to all the people who step over the threshold of this virtual space. And since offering a mirror is somehow present in all my activities I am offering you this story I wrote about a magical mirror (the story is written in Romanian). And I am also offering you the possibility to receive a practical mirror: a personal or professional profile at a special fee. Right here and now.

Personal Profile

If you are interested in gaining personal knowledge, if you are now at a crossroads in your professional life or you plan for some personal development actions for 2013, you are invited to explore the idea of a less common gift that you can offer to yourself. Or maybe the idea of a gift you can offer to others. Maybe you are one of the people who are all the time busy doing things in the outer world, you find yourself doing lots of things for others and you would like to balance this by drawing your attention more to yourself. Now could be a good time to do this. I always found this time in between years as being perfect for introspection, what we became so far, appreciation for all that we accomplished, gaining more clarity and new questions for the future, what do we want for the future, what do we want to become further.

Take the Thinking Pattern Profileuntil January, the 7th at a special fee for any assessment report or personal profile. You can choose from many reports: a personal pathfinder, communication and learning style, leadership, sales, executive management, entrepreneurial analysis, risk tolerance analysis, customer service, coaching style, sales style etc. You can also take it together with your business, work or life partner in order to understand how the personal style of each of you affects the interpersonal dynamics.

You can find some samples here. The test is user friendly: online, it takes up to 15 minutes to complete, the report in available the same day and the debriefing session can be done over the telephone or Skype. You might be surprised by the quality of the information received. You will be offered a deep and unique self understanding experience.

The fee for one report is between 95 Euro and 240 Euro and it covers a written report together with one hour debriefing session. Please ask here for details (including login) once you have chosen any report or reports.

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