Consultancy & Support in Human Performance

What I enjoy in working with organizations is the creativity needed in order to achieve superior performance, while at the same time taking care of individual needs. I believe deeply that the mind and heart are meant to work together and that people can achieve wonders when they do what they are good at, in an environment that inspires them to excel and offers space for growth. And I count my successes in these terms: supporting people to achieve their best while being happy.

I offer my skills and experience to support addressing topics that involve people’s contribution. Following functional structures used in most companies, my work can be divided in the following dimensions:

Selection and Recruitment: HR professional mentoring, competency/ capability based interviewing skills development for managers, executive search

Individual coaching 

Team coaching, team building & team development

Development programs: interpersonal skills, people management skills, overcoming public speaking fears, strength-based change management, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence, managing attitude, managing motivation, entrepreneurial skills

Group facilitation: creating new ways of looking at problems & generative change, optimizing meetings, making better use of existing resources, skills and individual assets.

Consulting: support for the Human Resources/ Organizational Development functions of the organizations.

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