We all assess. We all make value judgments. How can we increase our confidence that we do this properly and with the intended impact?
What kind of instruments do we use in order to systematically assess the most relevant dimensions for a certain role in a given context?

Available instruments:

  • Thinking Pattern Profile™
  • Assessment Centers

These tools accurately measure capacities, skills, competencies, motivation, attitudes and potential, all structured in clusters relevant for the business environment. Thinking Pattern Profile™ is an instrument that bases all its measurements on the structural thinking and judgement patterns of a person, while assessment centers are based on observations across a variety of professional or business simulation exercises, corroborated with aptitude tests and personality questionnaires.

If you are interested in finding more about how any of them, or their combination, can be used to support your organization to develop and achieve results, please contact Adina.

Assessment supports decision making and design of organizational development action in one or more of the following areas: hiring, promotions, talent management, individual development planning, succession planning, restructuring.

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